MondayMoves: Chief Ski Trip & The Value Of Being Open To Adventure, Meeting New People, and Pivoting

Welcome to MondayMoves, our weekly episode where I drop in to the Marni on the Move podcast channel, solo, to talk about all kinds of things related to my fave topics: exercise, endurance sports, fitness, entrepreneurship, career, health and wellness. I offer tips and advice, ideas and insight, inspiration, and motivation. Today, I want to…

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MondayMoves: Karma, Personal Examples & Intentions For 2023

Happy Monday and welcome to episode #4 of MondayMoves where I will be dropping in to the Marni on The Move podcast channel to offer tips, advice, ideas, stories on all things business, exercise and endurance sports and wellness…today I’m talking about Karma and the wonderful ways of the energy in the universe. I’m a…

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