334: Tersa & SAVA Founder, Ray Kelly Talks Next Level Meditation & A New Frontier Of Wellness

Today on the podcast I am syncing up with game changing wellness pioneer, Ray Kelly Founder of Tersa and creator of SAVA. TERSA, a pioneering wellness company that’s reshaping the landscape of holistic well-being with its revolutionary healing and mediation pod, SAVA. SAVA is at intersection of health, medicine and fitness, fusing exquisite design with cutting-edge technology to offer an unparalleled wellness experience. This cocoon like meditation pod harnesses the synergy of vibroacoustic technology, emotional intelligence, AI, and binaural beats to transcend traditional meditation and recovery practices. The SAVA sound pod seamlessly integrates four-channel spatial speakers and ten-channel bass transducers, delivering an immersive journey for both the mind and body.

Ray Kelly has been working in the physical realm of sports, health and wellness since the young at of 13 in Australia at National and International levels playing football. Despite a string of serious injuries thwarting his football career, he developed a passion for injury rehabilitation through years of his own personal injuries, having to overcome his first knee reconstruction at age 13, with 3 more by the time he was 18, amongst many other major injuries, including a spine reconstruction.

After 20+ years as a leading injury and human performance expert helping to heal others and managing the bodies of many high profile clientele ranging from music icons, supermodels, fashion gurus, adventurers, film directors, writers, CEO’s and royalty. Ray is bringing it all together with the launch of  tersa brand kicking things off with SAVA.

Today we talk about where it all began, the idea and inspo behind Tersa and SAVA and how you can dial into to these game-changing wellness tools and why!

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