356. Hyrox 2023 North American Champion & Global Programming Director, David Magida, Founder of Elevate Interval Fitness Talks Hyrox & Fitness

Today on the podcast I’m sycynig up with David Magida, Hyrox North American Champion 2023 and Hyrox 365 Global Programming Director, Founder and owner of Elevate Interval Fitness in Washington, D.C. David dials me into all thing Hyrox from where it began, how the sport is growing, training and race day strategy. Plus, he share where his athletic journey into Hyrox began, how he went form collegiate runner to being a founding member of  the Reebok Spartan Race Team and now being the 2023 NA Hyrox Champion.  We chat about how David built his own fitness business and studio, Elevate Interval Fitness, celebrating 10 years in the business, and how he does it all.

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