354: Cervélo, Head of Product Development, Ryan Calilung Talks Rouvida, The Next Frontier Of E-Bikes

Today on the Marni On The Move podcast I sync up with Ryan Calilung, Head of Product Development at Cervélo. Ryan has a long career in product development and engineering and a cycling life and career that go back even further!  During our conversation, Ryan shares where cycling began for him and where he is now.  He sheds light on  Cervélo’s new Rouvida E-Bike, all the bells and whistles, and what Cervélo brings to the cycling scene with its latest innovation from design to sustainability.  We also do a bit of a deep to dive into cycling, tech and gear talking about tubeless vs tubular rims, motor pacing and e-bikes as a cycling training tool, and the Rouvida e-bike speed and battery life. Ryan also shares where Cervelo began and how the company has grown over the decades. Plus, I get an inside look at some cycling events on Ryan’s calender!

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