343: Lori Mazor, CEO & Founder of Synthetivity and Author Temperature: Creativity in the Age Of AI, Talks Creativity and How You Can Discover Your Creative Climate

Lori Mazor, CEO & Founder of Synthetivity and author of top selling new book, Temperature: Creativity in the Age of AI

Lori is my partner in life and all things. She is also a triathlete, runner and multitalented creator across many realms of art, entertainment and business. I am super proud of her as she just launched her first book and it is AMAZING!  Lori is a leading voice in Generative AI executive education. Her expertise in technology and innovation makes her a sought-after speaker and thought leader. Trained as an Architect, with a 25-year career in Higher Education Operations, she made a career transition in 2022 with a mission to teach AI with a Human Touch.

At the intersection of AI and creativity. SYNTHETIVITY is her venture dedicated to enlightening leaders about Generative AI’s transformative power, revolutionizing paradigms in executive education. With her interdisciplinary background and forward-thinking approach, Lori has equipped thousands with Generative AI know-how.

Internationally recognized for embedding Generative AI into education, workforce development, and business, Lori is changing the AI landscape.Her expertise is valued at institutions like NYU, Fordham, and ED3DAO, where she has taught, crafted novel curricula, and pioneered the first high school Generative AI course. Prior to teaching, Lori led the planning, design and operations at prestigious academic institutions like NYU and CUNY. Her credentials include a Yale Master of Architecture, NYU MBA, Wellesley BA, and Wharton certification in the Business Economy of the Metaverse. She is a critically acclaimed artist, Lori’s creative work has been showcased by the New York Times, Inside Higher Ed, Crain’s, and the Wall Street Journal. She has been named among the Top 100 AI Artists and Top Voices in Creativity and Innovation.

Get ready for an eye opening conversation on her debut book, the inspiration behind her book, and how you can dial into your creative temperature in this age of AI!

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