340: H.V.M.N. CEO & Co-Founder, Michael Brandt, Talks Exogenous Ketones, Ketone-IQ, Entrepreneurship, and Marathoning

Michael Brandt is the CEO and Co-Founder of H.V.M.N.-Health Via Modern Nutrition-the creators of the popular exogenous ketones shot, Ketone IQ.   If you’re curious about exogenous ketones, how it all works with your nutrition and health, current race day and training fueling stack, and what this fourth macronutrient category is all about, you are going to love this convo.

Michael and I sync up about where the idea for H.V.M.N. and Ketone IQ began and how he has quickly scaled the business to multi-million dollars in revenue including a $6MM contract with the US Department of Defense.  As CEO, Michael is focused on cultivating a world-class team and increasing education and access to metabolic health & performance.

We chat about the world champion Triathletes Olympic Runners, Tour de France cycling team  all using the product along with age groupers, recreational runners, and avid cyclists benefiting from Ketone IQ. Also, its not just for athletes, every day, longevity seeking individuals benefit as well and Michael shares how.

Of course, I get the inside scoop on the exercise fueling Michael for success.  Michael is quite the athlete himself with a 2:40 Marathon PR and is also a triathlete. He shares what races he has coming up for 2024.

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