335: Tracksmith: Founder & CEO, Matt Taylor; Global Community Director & Olympic Trials Runner, Louis Serafini; Community Manager-5X Olympian-2x Medalist,Nick Willis | From The US Olympic Marathon Trials

Recorded at the US Olympic Marathon Trials, Marni On The Move podcast Host, Marni Salup cuaight up with  Tracksmith in their athlete suite and learn all about their Amateur Support Program- they had 75+ athletes competing in the trials, what’s new in 2024 and it’s their 10 year Anniversary.  During this conversation, filmed for our YouTube channel, MarniOnTheMovePodcast, Marni syncs up with Founder and CEO  Matt Taylor, Global Community Director and Olympic Trials Runner, Louis Serafini, and Community Manager and 5x Olympian, 2x Medalist, Nick Willis.  They are all Sub 15 minutes convos and featured first on our YouTube Channel but for my listers enjoy the mashup! We  kick things off with Matt Tayor, then Louis Serafini, and last up Nick Willis!   If you follow Marni on insta you know she is a  big fan of tracksmith apparel from the design and quality of the fabric to their overall team!

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