315: Hunt Wheels & The Rider Firm Co-Founder Peter Marchmont & Paddy Brown On Wheels, Cycling & Entrepreneurship

Today on the podcast, I am syncing up with Hunt Wheels & The Rider Firm Co-Founder Peter Marchmont and Lead Product and Commercial Manager, Paddy Brown. Hunt Bike Wheels are cutting-edge performance wheels, hand built, ¬†for all types of cycling road, gravel, mtb, and beyond. While they are super dialed and very aero simlar to competitive brands, they are certainly more affordable. I ride on Hunt Wheels with Carbon Spokes and really like them, even though I am NOT the fastest cyclist, I still feel major benefits. I invited them on the podcast to do a deeper dive and get a look at what it’s like as a founder building a business in the cycling world, especially wheels, we talk about the aerodynamics and bells and whistle across Hunt Wheels function and design, the many business under The Rider Firm umbrella, and how both Paddy and Peter got into cycling and what events are on their bucket lists.

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