303. Dave Mendelsohn, Top Triathlon & Running Coach & Elite Athlete, Offers Tips On How To Unlock Speed & Optimize Performance

Today on the podcast I sync up with my friend, elite athlete and top triathlon & running coach, Dave Mendelsohn. Dave has been a nationally sponsored runner for several years, currently sponsored by Gatorade Endurance and one of the original Coaches of the Empire Tri Club, which is how we met. He is a USATF Level 1 Coach & competitive distance runner and triathlete. Dave is also an official pacer for the New York Road Runners (NYRR), and can be found pacing their half marathons, long training runs and the NYC marathon, which he is officially a streaker! Dave is a  2x Ironman finisher with countless Half Ironman, Olympic and Sprint Triathlons under his belt, and a seasoned road racer having completed 100+ Marathons and UltraMarathons.

We are talking about unlocking your speed and digging deep to get into that fifth gear, building mileage safely to optimize training, and the value of pacing whatever distance or race. I asked Dave which race he thought was more challenging NYC or Boston, what his fave Marathons are, since he has done 100.  And we talk about his adorable twins, how they both love running and how he has been coaching them as well.

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