259. Triathlete, Cherissa Kell, Founder & CEO of NeoTEIN, Offers An Inside Look At The All New Protein & Electrolite Mix Inspired By Triathlon

When elite triathlete, Cherissa Kell, needed a high-quality protein drink that was easy to use, that would help her stay hydrated, and was easy totake on the go, whether heading out for a bike ride, recovering from a long run, or a busy day with the kids, NeoTEIN was born!  After two years, and countless hours of research, experimentation, and testing, She created the NeoTEIN Stick Pack. The Stick Pack is an all-in-one protein + collagen + electrolyte drink that comes in a light and refreshing flavor!  I have been using the protein skicks for the past few months and they have been a terrifc addition to my fueling and recovery. Today on the podcast I  sync up with Cherissa to get the scoop on where it all began, how the company is growing, the high quality, science backed ingredients, and how her passion for endurance sports and triathlon career inspired this game-changing innovation.

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